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Attendance and Punctuality

Absence from School is now divided into two kinds, authorised and unauthorised. The government is very concerned about the level of unauthorised absence, and each School must now publish statistics showing the level of unauthorised absence.

When your child is unexpectedly away from School, it is helpful if you can telephone on the first morning to let the School know. However, it is important that you always provide a note to explain the absence when your child returns to School. Without a note to record an explanation there is no alternative but to regard an absence as unauthorised.

If your child has a medical or dental appointment please inform the teacher well in advance, especially if it is an early morning appointment and you wish to book a midday meal for that day. If the appointment takes place during the day, it is best if you (or a nominated person of the family) collect your child from the School. For safety reasons we do not let children out of School unaccompanied. The person collecting the child should report to the School office.


As from September 2013, Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence in term time unless there are very exceptional circumstances.

Family holidays are not regarded as exceptional circumstances, therefore any absence taken for holidays will be subject to a fixed penalty notice. From September 2013, fines will be as follows:

  • £60 per child imposed to each parent if paid within 21 days.
  • £120 per child imposed to each parent if paid within 28 days.

The rules on attendance have been changed this year. Our whole school target is 96% and a pupil is deemed to be persistently absent if their attendance falls below 90% ( this bar has been raised over the last few years from 80% to 85% and now to 90%).

It is essential that your child is here everyday. Missing just 5% each year means that you miss an entire term during your Primary education. To stay at 96% you cannot miss more than 7 days of school across the whole year.

Pupil attendance and punctuality is monitored monthly and the parents of those pupils whose attendance causes concern or is at risk off falling below 90% will be contacted and invited to attend an appointment with Mrs White.


90% attendance for your child through primary and secondary school means : THEY WILL HAVE MISSED A WHOLE YEAR OFF SCHOOL IN THEIR EDUCATION.



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