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Summer Family Learning Project


As part of our Summer Term ‘Reception Family Project’, we would like you and your child to create your own insect! The children have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly in school and have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and interest.

This will be a fun opportunity for you and your child to work together at home. You can be as imaginative as you would like, such as a ladybird with sharp teeth and claws or a worm with dinosaur spikes!

We would like the children to share their projects with their class by

We look forward to sharing your creations!


Expressive Arts and Design



Draw your insect or make a model of your insect.

Cut out pictures from magazines and collage your insect.


Describe your insect. Encourage the children to write a few simple sentences about their creation. For example:

It has ten legs.

It is red and green.

(Encourage your children to write as independently as possible).


Snow day activities for Reception

Ideas for reception when they are just too cold to play in the snow anymore!

Have fun playing the number and phonic games below.

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