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Year 1

Year 1 Family Homework Project 7.6.18

For our current topic, ‘The Enchanted Woodland’, we would like the children to complete a mini project. The projects are optional and are due in before Friday 6th July. Please choose one or more options from the boxes below.



Art and DT



Project outline

Have fun building a den with your family or friends! Will it keep you dry in the rain? Draw a picture or take a photograph of it to show at school. You could write about how you made your den and the materials you used.

Plant some daisies, poppies, or other wild flowers. Draw and write a flower diary about the changes you see each week. Take photographs or draw pictures to show your flowers as they grow and change.

Use your senses (like woodland creatures) to explore and investigate the textures, smells, tastes and feel of a range of foods. You could also ‘rustle’ the packets! Now see what happens to different ingredients when you cook them – how do they look, feel, smell and taste now? Have some fun cooking up a dish or two together.

If you have your own idea, please feel free to explore it.

We look forward to seeing all your creations and hard work.

Year 1 homework expectations


}Homework in Year 1 will be set weekly
}Homework will alternate weekly between Topic based tasks, written tasks or Mathematical tasks.
}A homework folder has been issued and the children will put their new homework into the folder each Thursday, to be returned by the following Tuesday
}Research style homework which may be in the form of a creative project will be issued half termly.

Maths of the Day Optional Homework Activities


Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Maths of the Day homework activities. Here you will find dozens of different activities for each year group, all designed to complement your child’s learning in school, in a fun and active way. Simply click on the Maths of the day homework link, select your child’s year group, then the area of maths and a choice of activities will be there. You can download them as PDFs, print them, or view them on your tablet or device.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Cash

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