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Year 2

Homework will be set weekly and alternate between an English or a Mathematics task. The children will have spellings to learn each week, which will be tested in class. The spellings set are a mixture of common exception words and words that follow the statutory requirement of Year 2 spelling patterns.


A homework folder is issued to all children at the beginning of the year and we ask that homework is cleared from it at least half termly. Homework will be set on a Thursday and will need to be returned by the following Tuesday. Any homework received late may not be marked before the following weeks is set.


A mini project is set every half term relating to the current topic. The children are given a choice of three to choose from. Although homework is optional we do ask that you hear your child read regularly and note their progress in their home school diary.

Thank you for your support in helping your child to complete their homework.


Year 2 Family homework project

For our current topic on ‘Beachcombers’ we would like the children to complete a mini project. The projects are optional and are due in before the summer holiday, week commencing 2nd July. Please choose one or more options from the boxes below.
Thank you,

Year 2 Team





Project outline

Bring pictures from home of yourself or family members at the seaside. Are there any of someone swimming in the sea? Identify the different locations on a UK or world map

Design, draw and paint/make a picture of a beach hut.

Write a poem about the living things that make their home in a rock pool. An acrostic or shape poem would be fun!

end of year - count on me

end of year - Sailing

Homework 28/6/18

Homework 28/6/18 1
Homework 28/6/18 2

Homework 21/6/18

Homework 21/6/18 1
Homework 21/6/18 2

Homework 7/6/18

Homework 7/6/18 1
Homework 7/6/18 2
Homework 7/6/18 3

For homework this week we would like the children to complete the Crunch Bunch prize sheet. The children have to invent either a healthy main meal or dessert recipe that could be used in school and colour a picture in...simple!


Also, have you downloaded the Veggie Run game to play? By signing up and entering the school code 1884 you could win yourself some lovely prizes


Mrs Slater is currently 8th on the schools leaderboard!😁

Homework 18/05/18

Homework 18/05/18 1
Homework 18/05/18 2
Homework 18/05/18 3

Homework 10/5/18

We have decided not to set spellings during the month of May whilst our SATs are taking place as it would not be fair to give the children extra tests! Overall the children are performing well and we thank you once again for your continued support throughout this month. As well as the set maths homework, please continue to read daily with your child to increase their fluency and pace. Being able to read at a speed of 90 words per minute is one of the objectives set to be able to work at age related expectations.

Homework 3/5/18

This week we have not set spellings for homework as the children have had a busy week starting their SATs. If you could continue to read regularly with your child, asking them questions about the story so far, the characters thoughts and actions and what they think may happen next we would be most grateful. With regards to maths, problem solving is always helpful, e.g James has 38 red cars and Anna has 23 blue cars, how many cars do they have altogether?

Have a lovely weekend!

We have been looking at poems linked to the 5 senses. Can you write your own senses poem about the snow? Try to include lots of interesting adjectives and similes!


It’s a Snowday!

I can see the snow falling thick and fast,

I can hear my feet crunching on the ground,

I can taste the cold snow as cold as the Arctic ice,

I can smell the delicious hot chocolate waiting for me inside!


Bumblebee and Snail classes will have their spelling tests on Monday 5th March.

For spellings this week please help your child learn any of the Year 1 and 2 common exception words they find tricky to read or spell. See the top of the page for the lists of words and activities.

Scented Playdough recipe

In maths we have been looking at different methods to add and subtract. To answer the worded problems we would like children to use whichever method they are most comfortable with using. At this stage we are still encouraging children to show their working out.

Homework 7/12/17

This will be the last formal homework for the term. We want to thank you for the support you have given your child so far this year in completing their weekly homework and also the half termly projects. 


Next term our topic will be 'Scented Garden'. We will be looking at parts of plants and growing many different edible plants. If you have any spare seeds (in particular vegetables and herbs), pots, etc then we would be most grateful for the donation.


Last week of term notices...

Wednesday 20th December - Christmas jumper day!

Please send you child into school wearing a Christmas jumper to support the Save the Children charity. The  children will also be allowed to bring in a toy to enjoy with their friends at school that day. We ask that children do not bring toys that are precious in case pieces are misplaced or broken and no electronic devices. If possible, toys should be named to avoid mix ups.


smileyHave a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!smiley

For this weeks homework we would like children to write a book review of either their reading book, library book or a favourite book at home. We have included 3 different templates to use above. Happy reading!smiley

Maths of the day homework 2/11/17 UPDATE!

Some parents have had difficulty accessing the Maths of the day homework. The homework task can be viewed as a PDF below OR

1) click on the Maths of the day link on the homework page and select the relevant areas

2)carefully type the whole link. If the 'https' part is missing or if you Google the page it will ask for a login.

This week we have been looking at telling the time on both an analogue and a digital clock. We have covered O'clock, half past, 1/4 past and 1/4 to. If you could regularly ask your child to tell the time at home it would really help. 

Some questions to ask:

1) What is the time now?

2) What would the time look like on a digital clock?

3) What would the time be 1 hour later?

4) What would the time be 1 hour before?

5) If we started eating lunch at 12 o'clock and finished at half past 1, how long did it take us to eat? 

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