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30 Days Wild

From 1st June The Wildlife Trusts are running 30 Days Wild.  We will be updating this page regularly with different activities to encourage us to live more wildly!  Dip into these activities whenever you want to, let your teachers know what you have been doing, enjoy 'the wild'!  Or if you want to you can go to the website and sign up yourself for access to all the resources and loads of ideas for things to do, all linked to nature.  See the link below.


Each day there will be a different 'Random Act of Wildness' which we will post here and on the school Facebook page....see how many you can complete, you can tick off the Wallchart to show how many you manage to do.

Daily Random Acts of Wildness, starts on 1st June

Wallchart to tick off all of your Random Acts of Wildness

Make your own binoculars

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