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  • Read a few pages from your reading book each day.  Grown-ups please ask questions about what has been read and ask your child to predict what might happen next.
  • Make sure you can read and spell all of the Y1 Common Exception Words.  Choose up to 5 that you're not sure of to practise.
  • If you can read and spell the Y1 Common Exception Words, see how many of the Year 2 list you can read and spell.  Choose up to 5 to practise.
  • Complete this week's Writing and Spelling tasks below.

This week we are reading, reciting and performing poetry.

Read the poems.

Can you practise them so you can read them with fluency and expression?

Can you remember any lines to say off by heart?


We will also be writing our own version of The Sound Collector.

Can you write a verse of your own for The Sound Collector poem?  Remember your -ing words.

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