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  • Read a few pages from your reading book each day.  Grown-ups please ask questions about what has been read and ask your child to predict what might happen next.  Can your child retell the story?  Can they talk about how the characters felt at different points in the story?
  • Make sure you can read and spell all of the Y1 Common Exception Words.  Choose up to 5 that you're not sure of to practise.
  • If you can read and spell the Y1 Common Exception Words, see how many of the Year 2 list you can read and spell.  Choose up to 5 to practise.
  • Complete this week's Writing and Spelling tasks below.

This week we are finishing our book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

Watch the video so you can hear how the book ends.

  • Talk with a grown-up about what you can do to show kindness in the world.  Try writing some sentences about acts of kindness that you could do.
  • Watch the video of Oliver Jeffers talking about this project.  Try writing your own Postcard for your own Notes for Living on Planet Earth

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Listen to this wonderful guide to planet earth and look at the beautiful illustrations.

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