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  • Read a few pages from your reading book each day.  Grown-ups please ask questions about what has been read and ask your child to predict what might happen next.  Can your child retell the story?  Can they talk about how the characters felt at different points in the story?                                    
  • Make sure you can read and spell all of the Y1 Common Exception Words.  Choose up to 5 that you're not sure of to practise.                                  
  • If you can read and spell the Y1 Common Exception Words, see how many of the Year 2 list you can read and spell.  Choose up to 5 to practise.  Try writing a sentence for each of the words you're practising.
  • Complete this week's Writing and Spelling tasks below.


  • Write a recount of your Christmas Holiday.
  • Choose 3 different things to write about.  This could be about something you did, presents you received, games you played, somewhere you went, what you did on Christmas Day, how you celebrated the New Year and so on.
  • Try to use some time connective phrases to help organise your writing:                                              e.g. On Christmas morning; after that; the next day; a little later; on New Year's Eve; two days later.
  • Don't forget all your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and spelling or Y1 and Y2 common exception words.


  • Look at the different weather images.  Which ones do you like best and why?
  • Write some sentences about your favourites:

          I like it when the weather is ……. because.....


  • Think about what would happen if the sun shone every day and it never rained.


  • Look at the page from our new book - talk about what you notice.


  • The story is set in Kenya - locate this on a map, in an atlas or Google Earth.


  • Look at the different images of Kenya.  Talk about what you can see.  Think about nouns and adjectives you could use to describe the images.                                                                                                              
  • Choose one of the images to write some sentences about.  Make sure you use adjectives to describe what you see.


  • Read your sentences out loud to make sure they make sense.  Can you improve your sentence?


  • Check all the punctuation and spelling in your sentences - fix anything as needed.


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