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Daily Update - Squirrels Save Christmas

How amazing. We had a video from Father Christmas all the way from the North Pole asking for our help! Father Christmas has lost 10 of his magical sacks in Gidea Park and we are on a mission to help him locate them. Keep up with our news on whether we can help him save Christmas.



We arrived at school to find a magic sack on the school roof! It had the Stingrays name on a tag! Since then Turtles, Pufferfish and Reception have also found sacks around school. Inside each sack has been a class challenge and a letter of the alphabet. We are hoping that the letters spell a word !



The excitement continues.... Year 2 arrived to find mysterious glitter trails into their classrooms! Magic was certainly in the air! Throughout the morning three more sacks were found. Whales, Dolphins and finally Sharks. More challenges were set for each class and hopefully 3 more letters will be revealed by Friday.



Reception were soooo excited today. We found another sack on our shed roof! Our challenge was to make paperchains and decorate our outside area. We continue to hunt high and low but who knows where the next one will appear?



Friday was an amazing day. It started with the Reception pupils finding a magic sack in Mrs Maeda's garden! They surprised us all in Golden assembly with the last letter for our magic word.

U T A N S C R ! I


We had to solve the acronym and together we worked out that the word was


We then searched behind all the curtains and found the final sack at the back of the hall.  Buddy the elf had tricked us again and had left one final challenge!

The successful completion of a whole school mannequin challenge was the only way that the 10 sacks would be transported back to the North Pole and Christmas would be saved!

We jumped to the challenge and had a great time in the playground doing the challenge.

The sacks magically disappeared and we are so pleased to report that it looks like Christmas is back on! Phew!!!!


Photos of our daily adventures will be in the Gallery under News and Events .


Thank you for your support at home with our Christmas Creative project. The children have participated in a wide range of Christmas themed activities linked to the sack challenges - cooking , card making, making angels, decorating the outside area and poetry and role play.


We hope that the man in red is pleased with our efforts and finds a way to show his gratitude!   Watch this space.....................


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