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New School Values Competition

This term we have been working with the Junior school to develop a common set of Core Values and a shared Community Code. These are values that we wish to promote across both schools. In January we held a joint training day to discuss and gather ideas from staff, governors and parents. A joint working party was formed to work on this further and five key words were chosen which best represented the values that our school community wished to promote.

These core values are:






Our new community code is entitled “Proud to be Me”.

We have launched our new community code and core values with the children and we will keep you updated as to how we plan to embed these values throughout both schools. The children are invited to participate in a school competition to produce an image for our new values. The template and competition details will come out this week by Group call. We invite the children to design an image featuring a Squirrel and a tree that will best represent our new Code and Values. There will be a winner per class whose design will go forward to the final stages and hopefully be selected to be both School's new selected logo.


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