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This week in Reception WB: 9.3.20

  • Phonics has continued and the children will still receive strips of sounds to learn. However, this will be less frequently and not always on a Monday or Friday, but as and when sounds are learnt.
  • The children have been subtracting and telling subtraction stories e.g. There were 10 bears on a picnic. 3 went to play so how many were still eating?
  • Science week has finished! The children have loved making bubbles, feeling the different properties of cornflour, watching an egg bounce, colour hunting and making rainbows in various ways. Please see the photos below.

Science Week!

Reception Family Homework Project Spring 2020

This week in Reception WB: 2.3.20

  • The children enjoyed dressing up on World Book Day and met a real life author! Ross Baker came in and read his book 'The Magic Rainbow Bus' with Reception. 
  • Phonics and Maths have continued, with each group and class working on skills such as blending and number bonds.
  • The children have been dressing up and weaving in the outside area, as well as having fun with 'rainbow rice' capacity!


This week in Reception WB: 24.2.20

  • The children loved making and trying pancakes on Shrove Tuesday - there was a choice of toppings, including dried fruit, lemon, sugar and syrup (not too much of course!).
  • The library visits went well - every child in the year group got to choose a book that they will keep and read in school. Everyone was very well behaved and showed our Squirrels core values whilst walking to and from the library, as well as during the visits.
  • Phonics restarted on Wednesday, with children working hard to learn new sounds.
  • The children are getting much better at their mental maths skills - lots of counting up and down, as well as halving, doubling, adding and subtracting.

This week in Reception WB: 10.2.20

  • The children loved seeing the farm animals in the playground. They had the opportunity to stroke the animals and to feed some of them as well! We had goats, a sheep, ducks, chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs to visit us.
  • Phonics and Maths have taken place as usual, but not necessarily at the same times because of the farm visit and school activities in the hall.

This week in Reception WB: 3.2.20

  • The children took part in their phonics groups, doing lots of blending with the sounds they have learnt.
  • They have been counting up and down in intervals of 1, 2, 10 and 5, as well as doubling/halving and practising a variety of Maths skills.

Please remember to send in snack money (£7) for this term in an envelope to the office or your class teacher.


Thank you

This week in Reception WB: 27.1.20

  • The children are re-visiting different areas of Maths within each class over the next few weeks, such as doubling and halving, shape (2D and 3D), money, addition and subtraction.
  • The children are continuing in their phonic groups and all of them will write sounds and words within the course of the week.
  • They have the opportunity to act out the stories that they are reading in class and to complete activities based on these fairy tale stories. These are: Crocodile class - The Three Little Pigs; Elephant class - Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Lion Class - Little Red Riding Hood

This week in Reception WB: 20.1.20

  • The children have been continuing with their phonic groups. We are all doing lots of blending.
  • They have been making patterns in Maths.
  • They have the opportunity to act out the stories that they are reading in class and to complete activities based on these fairy tale stories. These are: Crocodile class - Goldilocks and the Three Bears; Elephant class - Little Red Riding Hood; Lion Class - The Three Little Pigs.
  • The children learnt about Chinese New Year.

This week in Reception WB: 13.1.20

  • The children have settled well into their new phonic groups.
  • Each class has been looking at different aspects of Maths, such as number ordering, number bonds and pattern.
  • The children have thought about how they can 'fill a bucket' - ask them about this!


Please note: Your children will come home today with the final strip of high frequency words from Reception (there are 45 words in all to learn - 9 strips). They will also have a 'questionnaire' about the types of technology they use at home and how they use them. We would be grateful if these could be returned by next Friday 24th January. 


Thank you,


The Reception Team

This week in Reception WB: 6.1.20

  • The children have settled back well and it was lovely to hear some of their holiday news!
  • Each class has re-capped phonics and the children will meet their new phonic groups on Friday.
  • Lots of fun has been had with high frequency word Bingo and 'fastest finger first' number recognition games.
Happy New Year!

This week in Reception WB: 16.12.19 

  • The children have re-capped special friends in phonics, such as th, ch, sh, qu, nk, ng and have written cvc/ccvc words.
  • They have been counting in 1s, 2s and 10s, as well as finding one more/less and ordering numbers
  • The children have all enjoyed a festive Christmas dinner followed by a Rock Steady concert and are all looking forward to the Christmas party on Friday!

This week in Reception WB: 9.12.19

  • The children now have 2 fantastic performances under our belts - WELL DONE RECEPTION!
  • They have been revising phonic sounds, especially the special friends such as ch, th, sh, qu, ng and nk.
  • They have learnt she, play, away, they and going in word time.
  • In Maths the children have been ordering numbers and finding one more/less than given numbers.

This week in Reception WB: 2.12.19

  • The children have been learning about taking away.
  • They are learning the sounds x, ng and nk.
  • They have made words from the letters th, z, ch, qu, p, i, ck (e.g. zip, chip, quick, thick).
  • The year group have had a run through of the production in the hall 

This week in Reception WB: 25.11.19


  • In Maths, the children have been learning how to add two amounts together and have watched episode 21 on Ten Town.
  • They have learnt the phonic sounds th, z, ch and qu.
  • During our wordtime sessions they have used the letters j, v, y, w, a, m, n to make words such as jam and yam.
  • The children have also made something for the school Christmas garlands.

Reception Yearly Curriculum overview

Reception loved the Pantomime 'Pinocchio' yesterday!

The 40 Reception high frequency words that we are learning this term

Bedtime book slips - fill one of these out if the book you chose was amazing! No need to fill one in every time!

New Feature - This week in Reception WB: 18.11.19


  • We have been learning about 3D shapes in our Maths sessions, as well as meeting the numbers 19 and 20 in Ten Town.
  • Our phonic sounds this week are j, v, y and w.
  • In word-time we have made words with the letters l, h, sh, r, i, o, p (ship, rip, lip, hip, hop, shop) and have learnt 5 new Reception high frequency words: yes, am, like, and, was. 
  • As a year group we have started to rehearse the Christmas songs for our production.



Phonics information

It has come to our attention that parents are having difficulties accessing the phonics sound youtube video from the Reception presentation. Below is the address to type in to access the youtube clip:


However, if you find this does not work then simply type in, then search for the following:


ruth miskin phonics sounds set 1


We hope this helps!

Have a fantastic half term Reception!


Enjoy using your new sound strip for Fred Frog and your new post box for learning your Reception high frequency words (Remember, 'You can't Fred a Red!'). Most of all, enjoy spending family time together and having fun!

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Curriculum meeting and Stay and Play. We hope you found the experience both informative and enjoyable. Please see the presentation that we used below.

Reception Curriculum Meeting Friday 11th October 2019

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