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Silly Races

Dressing Up Race

With your grown up, find a selection of dressing up and spare clothes. Its is funnier if the clothes are too big for everyone and don't match, e.g. some wellies, a hat and a grown up's coat. 

Put the clothes in a pile by a marker.

The first person runs to the pile, puts on the clothes, then runs back.

They then remove all the clothes and the next person puts them on.

They then run to the marker, take the clothes off and run back.


Balloon Waddle

Mark a start and finish line.

Put a balloon or ball between your legs and try to walk/waddle as fast as you can.

If you drop the balloon you have to stop, put it ack between your legs, then carry on. 


Bean Bag Balance

Mark a start and finish line.

Balance a bean bag or something similar on your head.

You can make a bean bag by folding up a tea towel and tying it with a piece of string.

Travel to the finish line as quickly as you can. If you drop your bean bag, stop, pick it up and put it back on your head before you continue.

The first person to the finish line is the winner.


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