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This week in Reception

Week beginning 30th November

The children are beginning to get so excited about Christmas! Our classrooms have been decorated and today we filmed our Christmas songs. The children were all amazing!!

In phonics this week we learnt our last single sound  and now we have introduced 'special friends'. Special friends are digraphs - two letters that make 1 sound. We have learnt the special friends  sh   th   ch.  Our words of the week have been   like   to   and  was  went.

In maths we have introduced 3D shapes (cube  cuboid  cylinder  cone  sphere  pyramid) and have started to introduce addition to the children also. 

We can't believe that next week is our penultimate week before Christmas. We still have lots of learning to cover but also lots of fun too!

Week beginning 23rd November

This week we have been making Christmas decorations for the hall as next week Christmas arrives at Squirrels! 

Our phonic sessions this week included the sounds v   y   w   z  and our words of the week were  we  me  he  yes   a.  

In maths we have almost finished our Ten Town stories. This week focussing on Number 19 and Number 20 and looking at doubling of numbers up to 5. 

We are desperate for socks and tights for our spare clothes boxes within reception. If you have any old pairs at home then we would be most grateful for them in School. If we send your child home with a change of clothes and underwear please could you always return them to us. Thank you.


Week beginning 16th November

This week in school we dared to mention the 'Christmas' word to the children! They were very excited! We have started to learn some Christmas songs in class and the children are really enjoying them.

During our phonics sessions this week we have learnt the sounds  l  h  r   j . Our words of the week have been:  up    to    big    you   it.

We are nearly at the end of our Ten Town visits within class. This week we focussed on number 17 and 18. We hope those of you who have access to Ten Town at home will continue to watch the stories and play the games so that children can really consolidate their understanding of numbers up to 20. We have also focussed on positional language and capacity this week in maths.

Just a reminder but if you have any old wellington boots or umbrellas at home, please could we have them for rainy days in reception. We would be most grateful.

Reception's new garden!

Week beginning 9th November 

It's been a busy week in Reception this week. The children have been planting flowers and bulbs in our new reception garden, we have had flu jabs and we had a filming team in recording some wonderful footage of the children at school. 

In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds    u   b   f   e.  We have learnt the words  dog  is  an            can  the    as our reception words of the week.   

In Maths we focussed on numbers fifteen and sixteen during our visits to Ten Town. We followed with maths sessions about money and weight this week. 

As the weather has turned colder many children are now bringing coats to school. We have been encouraging the children to practise fastening their own coats. Could you please encourage this at home also because the more they practise the more confident and independent they will become. Thank you.

Week beginning 2nd November

It was lovely to welcome all the children back on Monday and they had lots of stories to share from their week away from School! 

We have been learning the sounds   g  o  c  k  in phonics this week. Please practise these sounds and the previous sounds that we have sent home as regularly as you can. Our words of the week this week are:

look   in   on    at    come.

In our maths session we have continued to use the Ten Town program to focus on the numbers 13 and 14. We have also learnt about shape and pattern this week.


In our outside space we have begun to create a garden this week. The children are very excited and are helping us to develop the space. We will post some photos when the garden is complete. 

Week beginning 19th October 2020


This week in phonics we have learnt the sounds  t   i   n   p. We have sent home a new letter strip for your child's 'fred frog' today. Please check in your child's book bag, so you can practise the sounds at home.

We have also started to learn the '45 Reception High Frequency' words. Each week we will focus on 5 new words in school. Today, we have sent home a 'postbox' and the 5 words that we have learnt in school this week. Please practise at home so that your child learns to read these words confidently by sight alone.


Maths this week has been about number recognition and we focussed on numbers 11 and 12 during our visits to Ten Town. 


Next week is half term. We can't believe that the children have been at school for 6 weeks already! Wishing you all a safe and fun filled week. We will see you back at School on Monday 2nd November.

Week beginning 12th October

This week we have introduced our daily phonics sessions to the children. We have learnt the sounds: 

m   a    s   d.  Your child will be bringing home a 'Fred Frog' to help them practise the sounds at home. 


Our visits to Ten Town have continued this week. We have met Nina 9, Tia 10 and learnt about the zero pond! If you asked for access to Ten Town at home you should have all received your home access logins. We hope you enjoy Ten Town together with your child.


Our 'Reception Curriculum Meeting' will be available for you to view tomorrow (Friday 16th October). We hope that you find the information useful but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Week Beginning 5th October 2020

It's been another wet week for us in Reception! Lots of rainy days. If you have any old wellington boots at home or umbrella's we would much appreciate them in Reception so we can explore muddy puddles on wet days! 

The children are loving their visits to Ten Town each day. This week we have met Fiona Five, Seal Six, Sir Seven and Eric Eight. If you have asked for a Ten Town login then we hope to send these home towards the end of next week.

We have been continuing with our Phase 1 phonics work, listening to and discriminating lots of sounds. Next week we will begin to teach the children individual letter sounds and how to use these sounds to read words. More information to follow next week. 

We've had 1 5 1 4 7 3 visitors