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Thursday 14th Jan


Tasks linked to 'The Lonely Beast'

I wonder how long it took the Beast to make his journey to the city? I am going to guess many, many days of walking!

Imagine that you are the Beast making this very long journey. Look at the map you drew yesterday to remind yourself of the journey that the Beast made. Remember, you can always watch the story again (see link below) to remind you as well.


  • Now write a diary for one of the weeks that the Beast was travelling for. You might choose his trip from the beginning (across a mountain and through the forest etc…) or maybe his journey across the bottom of the ocean. Set your diary out with each day as your heading. Make it as exciting as you can by adding some detail. For example:

Monday diary entry

I was so tired I could not swim and I sank down to the bottom of the sea.

Tuesday diary entry

Help! I was nearly caught by a huge, giant green octopus!


Don’t be scared to try tricky words, just remember to use your sounds to help you write them down.

REMEMBER: This is a long task so you can finish it on Friday. If you have any spare time you can illustrate your diary. Lots of people draw pictures to show what they saw on their travels.



Thursday - Order groups of objects

This is "Spring1.12.3 - Order groups of objects" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Bright Lights, Big City Topic (Geography)


  • Have you visited any places in London? If not, look at the attached photographs.
  • List some of places you have visited or label the photographs. If you have photographs of your own you can use them instead. Alternatively, you can draw your own pictures of some of the London landmarks.

A sheet of photographs of London Landmarks (their names are also on the sheet to assist with labelling)

Extra activity: Try matching these landmark pictures with their titles and facts about them

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