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This week we are continuing with our Street Detectives topic.


We will be making a pictogram of our traffic survey data.  You can collect some traffic data by looking out of your window and making a tally of the vehicles that drive past your house.

We are looking at how our local area has changed over the years. 

Learn about what houses and shops were like in the past compared to today.

  • Read the information with your grown up.
  • Then cut out the house pictures and organise them as a timeline - oldest to newest.
  • Can you cut out one of the shop pictures and write 2-3 sentences comparing the shop in the past to the shop in the present?

In Computing we are beginning to learn about algorithms.

Watch the video to learn more.

Then try to program the Bee Bot online:

  • Select 'the community mat'
  • Choose a place for the Bee Bot to travel to.
  • Program the Bee Bot by clicking on the arrow keys.
  • Press 'go' to see if you were correct.

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