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Learning overview for Tuesday

English, linked to topic - History

Today we are learning about the life of Queen Elizabeth 11.

Look at the presentation below to learn some interesting facts about the Queen (part 1). You might also like to use the attached model to make Buckingham Palace, or perhaps you could use Lego or any other materials you have at home. You may prefer to draw or paint the palace instead!


For English, take the virtual tour of this magnificent palace. Now, list at least 5 things you saw, using at least one adjective to describe each item (describing words). For example:

I went on the tour and I saw

  • two huge chandeliers
  • a massive portrait
  • some golden pillars
  • a very high ceiling
  • a beautiful golden chair


Objects you might spot on the tour: throne, ceiling, statues, pillars, carpets, chandeliers, pictures (portraits, landscapes), staircase, candlesticks, chairs.... and many more!!!


Possible words to use to describe what you see: splendid, magnificent, amazing, huge, golden, tremendous, massive, beautiful



Extra, Fun Activity

You may have seen the PING that went out about a competition that FOSHS are running, linked to 'National Squirrel Appreciation Day' which was last Thursday (21st January 2021). Please see the document below for some great ideas and how to enter. The deadline is this coming Friday (29th January 2021) and you need to be aware that any photos of work you send in will be put onto Facebook.


Tuesday - Add by making 10

This is "Spr1.3.2 - Add by making 10" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

This worksheet goes with Tuesday's video

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