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Week 3 January 18th - January 22nd

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ENGLISH - Reading 

  • Please read with your child at least 3 times during the week. Re-reading familiar texts is fine. 
  • Ask questions to check their understanding of the text. For example: What happened after......? Who did....? What was the dog's name? 
  • Ask questions to explore the text further. For example: Which was your favourite part and why? What might happen next? 
  • Play some games with the text. For example: How many capital letters can you spot on this page? Can you find the word 'the'? How many times is the word 'said' used? 
  • Practice reading more fluently - ask your child to pick one page from what they have read. Get them to re-read the page silently, to themselves. Encourage them to ask you if there are any words they are still unsure about and practice those words with them (ask them to sound them out, for example). Then ask your child to re-read the page out loud once or twice until they are more fluent and expressive. 

Home Learning Overview for the whole week (each day has an overview if you prefer to read day by day)

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