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Who's Who 2020/2021

Senior Leadership Team

Office Team

Year Two Team - Stingray Class

Year Two Team - Whale Class

Year Two Team - Dolphin Class

Year One Team - Shark Class

Year One Team - Orca Class

Year One Team - Narwhal Class

Reception Team - Turtle Class

Reception Team - Jellyfish Class

Reception Team - Seahorse Class

Learning Support Team

Site Team

The Site Team


Mr Walsh - School Keeper

Mr Herring - Assistant School Keeper

Mrs Swann

Mrs Shadrake

Mrs Newman

Miss Hinton


The Mid-day Team


Mrs Murrell - Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Forsythe - Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Hill - Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs Newman

Mrs Shadrake

Mrs Tucker

Mrs Chandler

Mrs Fairburn

Miss Wrenn

Miss Neverson

Miss Fitzmaurice

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