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A guide to starting a Havering Infant School in September 2017

2017 Intake

Apologies but the dates sheet issued yesterday to new parents has errors !

A correct version of dates will be available to you all at the Welcome meeting but changes are outlined below-


Home Visits -Friday 8th September- Wednesday 13th September


Children attend school part time- Thursday 14th September- Wednesday 20th September


Pupils start full time Thursday 21st September



If you are interested in your child starting at Squirrels Heath Infant school please contact the school office for further information.


For more information about the application process simply access Havering's website and either download the brochure 'Starting School in Havering' or collect one from School Support & Pupil Services section at Mercury House, Mercury Gardens, Romford, RM1 3SL.

Only Havering residents should complete a Havering application form. If you do not live in Havering you can still apply for a place at a Havering school but you must complete a form available from your Local Authority or apply online via their website.


Infant-Junior Transfer

All pupils currently attending any Infant school have an automatic right to transfer from the Infant School to the Junior School and you do not need to complete any application form.

If however you are thinking of applying for an alternative school, please visit the Havering website and view the information on the Infant - Junior transfer process.






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