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Our Vision

We aim to be a proactive, visible and knowledgeable Governing Body that supports and challenges the leadership of the school to ensure the school continues to develop, improves and uses all resources effectively.


In accordance with the Governors Code of Conduct all Governors will attend one Committee in addition to the Full Governing Body Meetings, Committee membership is as follows –

Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Ian Flowers  (Chair)
  • Claire Lakin(Vice Chair)
  • Heather Bannock
  • Mary Burtenshaw
  • Susan Barnes
  • Julie White

Finance, Staffing and Premises Committee

  • Jamie Bailey (Chair)
  • Jo McCann  (Vice Chair)
  • Linda Van Den Hende
  • Julie White
  • Andy Pettet

In addition to Governors roles in respect of Committee membership, Governors will have lead areas, these are as follows -


Governors’ Lead Areas


Governing Board Roles


Andy Pettet

Vice chair

Jo McCann

Development & Liaison

Andy Pettet

Jo McCann

Financial Assurance

Jamie Bailey

Health & Safety

Jamie Bailey


Jo McCann


Ian Flowers

Pupil Premium

Jo McCann

Safeguarding/Online Safety

Claire Lakin

SDP Priority - More Able

Andy Pettet

SDP Priority - Science

Ian Flowers

SDP Priority 3

Ian Flowers


Mary Burtenshaw

Teaching and Learning Heather Bannock

Ian Flowers


In accordance with the Governors Code of Conduct, Governors will undertake at least two formal and recorded visits to the school, these visits will be linked to the Governors lead area.

Additional, as also detailed in the Code of Conduct, Governors will get to know the school well and involve ourselves in school activities.

Please see the current (2018/19) Governors Action Plan below

Governors Contact Details

Please feel free to ask a question, make a suggestion, comment or query. Your message will be answered by one of the Governors within 5 working days...

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