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Curriculum Overview


Our broad and balanced curriculum is underpinned by our Core Values of Respect, Togetherness, Passion, Growth and Courage and meets the requirements of the Early Years and National Curriculum. The 'key drivers' behind our curriculum are:

1. It meets the developmental needs of young children

2. It enables our pupils to be independent and resilient learners

3. It ensures challenge and success for all learners

4. It prepares our pupils to be citizens of the future


Intended Impact

  1. Children acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to equip them for the next stage of their learning.
  2. Children make good progress from their individual starting points
  3. Children develop their interests and find their passions.
  4. Children acquire a solid basis for lifelong learning and are enabled to contribute positively within a culturally diverse society.
  5. Children make meaningful links within their learning and effective connections to our school community , the locality and the country we live in.



Children are taught Mathematics and English daily. These core subjects are given dedicated time in order for children to develop and embed key skills and knowledge. Science, History, Geography, DT, Art , PE and Computing are taught through Interactive Learning projects following the Cornerstones Curriculum. Cornerstones is built on The Four Cornerstones of Learning – Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. These four distinct stages actively promote children’s learning and thinking. The Four Cornerstones of Learning explicitly to pupils’ spiritual (RE) ,moral, social (PHSE) and cultural (SMSC) development.

Curriculum Policy Autumn 2019

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